Unifying Longpress/tier 2 actions in EC and PC modes

EC -> has no tier 2 action UI currently (but does have long press/avatrt press ui)

PC -> has tier 2 actions that are contextual

General Expected/Possible Actions

DIRECTORY, Actions keyed to selecting users (add participant, start chat)

Staff Member (as person) - Call; Urgent Call, Provider Team; Favorite

Group (as People) - Call (as first to answer), Add Me to group, Favorite

Patient (as Person) - ???, Favorite or 'add to my Patients'

Inbox, Home, Left Drawer, Actions keyed to selecting users (add participant, start chat)

Patient (as Workspace) - ??? (Unassign me?)

Group (as MuC) - Call (as select a participant), Leave Conversation, Mark as Read

Event (as unaccepted event) - Accept / Decline

Event (as user accepted event) - Complete, Call?

Event (as user is participant event) - Leave, Call?

Event (as user triggerable action) - Favorite, Edit?


In EC this is really high level ask for users tied directly to some specific users issues... being able to call in response directly from home, be able to favorite templates (manually triggered events), and add yourself to a 'group' or

  • Justin Bays
  • May 27 2019
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