On Platform 6, ability to enable app PIN independently of Smartbadge

On Platform 6, we would like to be able to set up an app level PIN for Vina, such that when the app is closed (or backgrounded) - when it is launched or brought back to the foreground again, it requests for the PIN before the user is allowed to use the app (the assumption is that the first time, the user needs to log in with the username/password, this login session is still active, and subsequently, the user can use the PIN to get into the app as long the login session is still active).

What we found is that after enabling the app PIN permission, this results in Smartbadges also requesting the user for a PIN.

However, we would like for this app PIN to apply *** to the Vina app only ***, and be associated with the device's biometric unlock features if they are set up (eg. FaceID, TouchID, etc).

Currently in Platform 6, app PIN for Vina cannot be decoupled from Smartbadge - this is non-ideal and is a step back from the more granular authentication configuration for app PIN which was available in VCS/VMP.

  • Stanley Lee
  • Aug 17 2023
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