Allow Vina to Display the name of the Vina Users in the active call, even after being transferred via a hospital desk phone

Currently, when a Vina User "Pam" calls a Hospital Unit front desk phone (555-555-5555), then is transferred to another Vina User "Sam", the call display for both Vina Users shows the front desk phone number (555-555-5555).

This is not accurate, and is very confusing.

The Vina call displays should accurately show who is on the active call (Pam and Sam), and not display the desk phone phone number that transferred the call (both Vina user's call displays show 555-555-5555).

My understanding is that Vocera does not use sip signaling to communicate with the Vina clients, which is what the issue is. Request that Vocera DOES use this sip signaling to allow for accurate display of Vina Users, even after being transferred.

  • Erin Maruoka
  • Feb 25 2021
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