Separate the Home page into ALERTS and MESSAGES instead of NEW and READ.

Currently the Home page is separated into two sections that are collapsible (NEW and READ).

The NEW section can have a mix of Alerts and messages.

The READ section can have a mix of Alerts, messages and calls. The Alerts fall to the very bottom of READ section by default.

Sorting through messages and alerts in two different areas that are not always chronological can be confusing.

Recommend that the top collapsible section be for ALERTS only. When an alert has been accepted or declined it should fall to the bottom of the ALERTS section. This will make it easy for Clinicians to search for Alerts in one area of the home page.

Recommend the bottom collapsible section for MESSAGES/CALLS only. This will keep this section more intuitive and in chronological order.

  • Erin Maruoka
  • May 18 2021
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