Make the user profile searchable by fields other than last name, first name

Please make the User Vocera Profile sortable/searchable by the User ID field.  There are too many occasions where someone's name changes, but they are still in the database with the same User ID.  Currently, I am not able to locate them unless I know their old name.  Or, when the admin console says you can’t add a new profile because a user already exists with that User ID, have it tell you which user so you can find it and sort out what the problem is.

In fact, can you not make the User Profile searchable by any field in the database?  So, for example, I could search by an Alternate Spoken name instead of user Profile Name, or search by Employee ID or any other field.

Of the above, the most important is the ability to search by User ID.  But if you're going to modify the application, it would be nice to make it more flexible and allow it to sort on any field within the user profile.
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  • Jan 31 2020
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    Jeff Prentice commented
    5 May, 2020 03:53am

    The ability to search for userid (usernames) has been added in Vocera Platform 6.X

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