Built In Active RFID chip into badges

This idea is to look into the ability to add an active RFID chip (125 khz) into a Vocera badge. The thought would be that this could be used as both an active RFID badge for location tracking, and also as an Vocera badge. This could have many benefits as staff would have less hardware to wear, you could still replace phones, and you would have better location tracking without the need for a system like Cisco NCS. This would then help with finding missing badges, and you could provide pull exact location reports.

The thought is that active tags RFID tags use very little power, and can go years on a single battery, so it would be nice to tie the RFID chip into the battery that runs the badge. Then another microphone could be added that is specifically used to listen for ultrasound, which would cover all the bases of RFID technology. The ultrasound could be used for general areas, and exam rooms, then the Low Frequency (125 khz) could be used when nurses go into isolation rooms, proceedure rooms etc.
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  • Jan 31 2020
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