Urgent Calls and Red Alarms Usurp Active Calls Without Informing Both Parties

We found that if one party on an active call receives an “Urgent Call”, or a Red Alarm from a Patient Monitoring or Nurse Call system, the individual receiving that Urgent Call hears a notification tone, then hears the new caller, but the other party of the original call gets no notification that they’ve been placed on hold, and the person they were speaking with is now engaged on a separate call.
Even though the original call is reestablished once the Urgent Call ends, there’s a high probability that the caller who was unknowingly put on hold has already hung up.
The party who had received the Urgent Call, upon ending the Urgent Call, receives a tone, and an announcement stating “rejoining call on hold.”
The other party, if they hold on long enough for the call to reestablish, receive a tone, but no announcement.
There needs to be a Notification Tone and Announcement stating something like “The party you were speaking with received an Urgent Call. You are now on hold.  Your call will resume once the Urgent Call ends.”
It could be as simple as a tone followed by an announcement stating “please hold.”
An announcement for the party that was placed on hold would be nice as well.
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  • Jan 31 2020
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  • Susan Dillon commented
    29 Jun, 2021 06:33pm

    Would like to have the "Please Hold" changed to "Please Hold due to urgent patient communication"

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