Music Source or Announcement for on-hold / barge in situations

We just implemented Vocera at our site and we learned that there is no music on hold capability or an announcement of some sort that states you are currently on hold.  When someone is put on hold or a call is barged in (urgent broadcast for example) the person on the other end of the call hears silence /  dead air.  In most cases the caller assumes the call was lost.  This not only results in frustration, but results in many people reporting "dropped" calls when in reality Vocera was functioning as designed.  Internally we can communicate this situation with our staff, however Vocera is used as our main method of communication for both internal and external customers.  Many of our patients have expressed concern that their calls are being dropped or that they are being hung up on.

This minor addition would be a great enhancement and satisfier. I am very surprised that it hasn't become more of an issue with the other sites that use the product.

If this request cannot be built into Vocera, please provide a workaround.
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  • Feb 1 2020
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    Mike Ryker commented
    14 Nov, 2020 12:26am

    When a user is put on hold they will hear a "please hold" prompt to indicate they are now on hold.

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