Throttle the amount of badges that get firmware updates at once during an upgrade/change

Having 800 badges suddenly grab firmware updates and immediately reboot has cause some pretty major issues in our environment.  Having them come up as quickly as possible is a great goal, but it would be nice if we could have the option to specify 
1.) How many badges can get the firmware before the timeout period (say . . 100 by default)
2.) Wait period (1-5 minutes)
3.) Button to "snooze" firmware downloads in case that was necessary

Right now, our DHCP server waits to issue the IP address until it has been registered with DNS.  This is due to internal security policies that we apparently want to maintain.  When 800 badges simultaneous get firmware and update, we experience a denial of service type outage.  If we could simply slow down the "dolling out" of the firmware image, it would fix our issue, though I can think of several reasons to impliment the firmware throttling with much larger badge numbers as we grow as well.
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  • Feb 1 2020
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