Initial login prompting

After user has logged into Vocera, the system would prompt user about certain items - based on group membership

a) Prompt regarding current conference.
i.e. "You are in Broadcast Conference for Cardiovascular ICU, is this correct?" 
YES - "Okay, in Cardiovascular ICU, 7 others are listening"
NO - "Okay, please say the name of the "Department Name" of the Broadcast Conference you need to be a part of..."

b) Prompt regarding position/group membership - primarly for float staff and ancillary/called name groups
i.e. "You are currently in the group "Med Surg CNA", is this correct? - for floats that don't work the same department, but are ususally called by their job group.
i.e. "You are not currently a member of any department/unit work group. Please say the name of the deparment and job/group name" - for ancillary groups that have different members providing service to the department each day. They are already in a "Remove on logout" group. This would ensure that each day they add themselves to the proper group each day and make them available by the Job/Group name.
By being a member of a "organizational"* group they could be prompt regarding that group.
"Are you performing as "L&D Charge Nurse" today?
YES - "Okay, I'm adding you to L&D Charge Nurse."
NO - "Okay, blah blah blah...."

c) Call forwarding prompt (previously posted by Stephen R. Cady)
"You are currently set to have all calls forwarded to your cell phone, would you like to turn that off now?"
The key on this feature would be to have it only ask the question if you had set "All" or "Unanswered" calls to forward?
If it was set to forward only when offline, then the system wouldn't prompt.

*see the post for Organizational groups
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  • Feb 1 2020
  • Will not do
  • Sep 15, 2020

    Admin response

    Having so many automatically prompted options at login would be cumbersome and cause too much delay to the login sequence.

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