Unanswered Calls Timeout too Short for Badges

If a user is receiving a call on their Vocera badge but do not respond (in a reasonably quiet area) after the genie announces "Can you accept a call from ..." approx 5-6 seconds after the genie's announcement the call hangs up. Staff have mentioned this timeout is too short - which is noticable when they are busy with a patient but do not want to be in Do-Not-Disturb (common for our Respiratory Therapists).

Example: A Respiratory Therapist is gloved & working with a patient performing a treatment. A call comes in but they are focused on treating the patient. By the time they notice the incoming call it hangs up and they typically have missed who called them. If they are in an area with sufficient background noise the genie may come back saying ("I didn't understand") which allows them to hear the genie repeat the incoming call notificiation.

When calling a Smartphone from a badge, after the caller hears the name of the person/group they are calling "Finding ..." - 10 seconds later the genie will announce 'Still trying", after another 10 seconds the caller will hear 'Still trying' followed about 8-10 seconds later the caller will be informed the caller is not available - a total of ~ 30 seconds go by.

I would like to see this timout changed to run longer or become a value we can change so a call to a badge has the same/similar timoue as a call to a Smarphone.
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  • Feb 1 2020
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