Auto Record Voiceprint by Specified Group

I would like to have the ability to force recording voiceprints at the Group Level instead of Globally.  

If a user or group is placed in this specified group they would be prompted to record their voiceprint instead of globally required secure login - which may not work well for administrators with staff who come to work with colds etc. This would provide greater flexibility for administrating user's who may be required to have secure login without having to refer to a document when adding staff who are required to have secure login.

Example: We require Managers/Directors to have a secure voice login so staff cannot 'accidentally' log in as them, have access to their messages or the permissions they have access. If I created a 'Managers Secure Login' group, and set the permission to require secure login for this group, and list all manager groups who will have voice secure login in this group I would easily know who is in this secure group & also allow them to automatically be prompted to record their voice for secure login. Any new managers added to Vocera would automatcally be prompted to record their voiceprint without me looking up documentation or just knowing they need a secure login.

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  • Feb 1 2020
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