Continuously tracking Vocera badge users

Has there been a suggestion for a feature that would allow tracking a badge? Since your server logs show a ping of a badge returns the access point MAC this looks viable.
This comes to mind as I understand you have partnered with AeroScout RFID. I could see this feature use along with ‘Locate’ if an important item with RFID or a badge user needed to be tracked.

How this may work:
· “Track John Doe”: Vocera would announce when a user hops an access point or reports at a certain time interval if the user stays associated to an access point
· “Track (RFID tag name)”: same as above.

Of course permission based as it would be more of an admin or security department use. “Track …” or “Continuous Locate …” ??
If a facilities access point coverage is not nominal this could cause erroneous locations. This is more of a thought than a request.

Hennepin County Medical Center
Vocera Administrator
  • Mark Graham
  • Feb 1 2020
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