Allow more than one response to a message with responses configured

When messages with multiple response options are sent, the first person to use a response option essentially closes out the ability to use any response options. In many cases they may use something like message left, but 20 minutes later they may have talked with the calling practice and want to update the message to reflect that they talked with the calling provider. We would like the responses on the conversation or notification to be updated to reflect that.

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  • Jul 30 2021
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  • Guest commented
    11 Nov, 2021 05:42pm

    The message is sent from Amtelco to an escalation DL, or DL. The source (Amtelco) needs to also know it has been updated after the initial response has been sent.

    We noticed you can do this in 5.6 but the feature is only enabled for Vocera Smart Badges. We were wondering if this is the functionality we might be requesting, just not exclusively to the Smart Badges.

  • Guest commented
    1 Oct, 2021 09:38pm

    The messages are being sent from Amtelco. They look at the responses to decide if groups have addressed the issue. The providers are asking for the ability to respond with a canned response and then to update it again after that when appropriate.

  • Cathey Kilner commented
    24 Sep, 2021 07:26pm

    Thank you for submitting this idea. Alerts from systems and text messages with multiple response options (ad hoc or from a template) can only have one response. Are these messages integrated to something tracking responses or is the desire an update to a group message? There is a quick messages feature that can be set up to be able to add pre-set messages into a conversation. This might help with some of your scenarios.