VST/VCS Response Reminder Feature

Redlands is requesting that a option "nag" feature be implemented in VST. This would manifest as audio/visual/vibration reminder that a message is pending a response. The reminder, or nag, would go off every few mins/hours until the message had received a response.

Bryn Downs of Redlands has said that, "the lack of a nag feature is [a] dealbreaker for our [doctors].  This is something I have mentioned before, and the response has thus-far been that there are no plans to implement a nag (until acknowledged) feature within the app.  That means that our [doctors] will continue to sleep through priority alerts or walk away from their phone for a minute or two, then come back to it and not realize that a priority message arrived in the meantime because there will never be another alert tone for that message ever again.

I have physicians complaining that they either miss calls, or feel like they are acting neurotic by constantly looking for alert icons for VST messages every minute or two.  Yes, I know that the alert can be set to go off for many seconds, but that does not address the situation where they are either in a noisy environment for several minutes and miss a call, or step away from their phone and miss a message.
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  • Jan 31 2020
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