Improved Genie prompts when Users forget to say "Connect to xxxxx" when giving voice commands.

When using Genie to make a voice command, if I'm at one location (Hospital A) and want to call another location (Hospital B), i need to say "Connect to Hospital B" before giving the voice command.

If i don't give this command, Genie says "I don't understand". This general Genie response just leads to the User repeating the same thing, causing frustration because the command is incorrect.

Instead, it would be helpful for Genie to say something more informative, like "Please request to connect to the location first". If i say "Connect to Hospital A" when i am physically in Hospital A, Genie is smart enough to tell me i'm already connected to that location. Request that Genie uses this location knowledge to better guide voice commands for customers.

  • Erin Maruoka
  • Dec 2 2021
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