Managed Favorites Tab enabled to allow Calling/Messaging

Request: Managed Favorites Tab enabled to allow Calling/Messaging.

Currently, the Managed Favorites only allows for Favoriting or Un-Favoriting contacts. This is not the same workflow as other voice apps. Other Voice apps allow for calling and messaging from the Favorites list.

For the Vina Managed Favorites, if you tap on the Favorited contact, you actually Un-favorite them, requiring re-adding. This workflow is not intuitive. Recommend adding calling and messaging functionality to this tab.

  • Erin Maruoka
  • Apr 7 2021
  • Will not do
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  • Mark Lichman commented
    16 Apr, 2021 07:39pm

    We are planning on replacing this screen with secondary actions to add/remove favorites so this Manage Favorites screen will no longer be needed.

    Favorites will appear on any directory when no search text has been entered and allow full message / call etc. functionality.