Corporate Caller-ID - Display employee names for incoming calls

Many of our employees in our company would like Vocera to display employee names for incoming calls if that number can be looked up in that company's directory. Integrate this on/with VMP.

Simply put, tie Vocera app to Active Directory LDAP, Office365 email, or even to a SQL database as an alternative, so that when an incoming call is made to a cell phone that has Vocera installed on it, that employees name is displayed on the phone. It could be a simple pop-up or notification. If the name is not found in Active directory, no pop-up or notification is displayed from Vocera.

If an employees number to name lookup can be done in Vocera, individuals would not have to manually maintain employee contacts on their phone. Large lists of saved employee contacts won't need to be kept on individual's phones or accounts, which would minimize 'corporate contact clutter' from syncing to the cloud and onto other devices owned by that employee.

As well, employee names will always be up to date, provided that they are properly maintained by the organization.

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  • Jan 31 2020
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