Allow customization of the email that goes to VCS client users to download the application

I'd like to request a small edit to the Vocera Instructions sent to customers. We sometimes receive requests for assistance because some customers are confused by the mention of iTunes, when the vast majority of users perform installation straight from their iDevice. Also, including the exact name of the app as it appears in the App Store may prove helpful. Even though link is for iTunes, it redirects to the app in the App Store if clicked from the device, so the link is fine. See the proposed edit below.
Suggested New Verbiage:
       For Apple users:

Step 1: From your iDevice, download and install the Vocera Collaboration Suite application from the App Store: itms://

Or at least have the above verbiage be customizable to meet whatever the end-user needs are.

Current Verbiage:
      For Apple users:

Step 1: Download and install the Vocera CS application from iTunes: itms://

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  • Jan 31 2020
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