Queue Multiple Urgent Messages until played successfully

We have found that the system does not fully play simultaneous urgent messages when delivered to a Vocera badge.  You hear a double kerplunk then the latter of the two messages is played.  We believe that if there are simultaneous messages and if both messages are classified as Urgent then they both should be fully played.  We would like to see the second message placed in queue and then played as soon as the recipient has received the first URGENT  message.  The recipient should have the ability to prioritize the messages not the system.  Also, badge wears may not realize that there were 2 seperate messages and therefore not manully retrieve the second message. 

Also, we find that if a second Urgent message is delivered to a user while another Urgent message is being played it interrupts the first  to play the new message.  This is also an issue as the badge wearer has not received the entire content of the first message.  I know the badge wearer has the ability to retrieve the messages via the menu. However, Urgent messages are delivered as such to improve response time and requiring the badge wearer to navigate to retrieve the message defeats this purpose. 

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  • Jan 31 2020
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