Ability to enter both internal & external numbers for Guest/Direct Access

Please can we have the ability to add both the internal and external numbers for the Guest and Direct Access numbers within the admin console? There should be the option to add either one or both, the system should not require a particular one.

With the release of Connect 1.1 and Auto Configuration of clients, the "Phone" field within the Connect 1.1 client is being populated from the Direct Access number from the Admin Console. For Connect to work externally to the organisation, this number has to be an external DDI for Direct Access, but most often the PBX is configured to send just the internal extensions digits for the DDI down the SIP tunnel to the VSTG, and therefore it is this internal number that is entered into the Direct Access field.

By making the VS recognise both numbers it will stop us having to insist the customers telephony engineer makes a potentially complex configuration on their PBX to send the full DDI through to the VSTG. If the system allowed us to configure either or both numbers, then it would make the product even more flexible when integrating with the different telephony vendors and setups.
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  • Jan 31 2020
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