Pass Emergency Broadcast events through VMI for third-party integration

More and more Vocera deployments are being integrated with third party systems through middleware such as Connexall.  The current integration is essentially one-way, i.e. we can push alerts to the badges, but badges cannot send alerts or events to other systems.  It would be a really nice feature if when the Emergency Broadcast feature on a badge is activated that this event is passed through the VMI so that other systems and/or non-Vocera mobile devices could be alerted as well.

The idea would be that when someone triggers an Emergency Broadcast on their badge, you could also have this trigger things like an automated overhead page, call-outs to physicians' cell phones, etc.

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  • Jan 31 2020
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    Mike Ryker commented
    12 Feb, 2022 01:33am

    In Platform 6 an Emergency Broadcast can trigger a rule-based notification to an external system as described in this idea.

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