Adjust Use VCG for VCS Client Connection Management Setting

The "Use VCG for VCS Client Connection Management Setting" was used as a way to conserve battery life/battery power on devices that aren't connected on a internal wireless network. As a customer who has designed/implemented/uses a VPN solution that also utilizes per-app VPN settings, this is fantastic!

However, the problem is, with this setting turned on, the Vocera application provides operation errors, as well as a delay in messages being delivered/freezing of the application when trying to place calls or activate the genie. It's as if the application isn't connected any longer, but after about 3-5 minutes, will respond again.

It was indicated that the way this setting works is that it kills the silent audio string that runs in the background, which is the way it's able to conserve battery life. My idea/recommendation is for Vocera to figure out a way to improve battery life without killing this silent audio string. This silent audio string was placed due to some issues observed over a year ago when devices on a internal wireless network were delayed in receiving messages, alerts, alarms, etc. This has been a gamechanger and something that resolved a very big problem. The expectation is the same for users who utilize this technology on a VPN or off network. To not receive notifications in a timely manner, or constantly deal with operation errors because a setting is turned on to save battery life isn't ideal.

Thank you!
  • Jon Berndtson
  • Jan 31 2020
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