Learn Alphabet

With so many of healthcare facilities being multinational and multilingual, speech recognition becomes even more difficult yet increasingly important.  Users may very well take the time to Learn a Name, Learn a Command and Learn More Commands, yet still experieince difficulties, especially when trying to login.
 Our faclity has request to have the ability to "Learn Alphabet" as an additional option for those who continue to have difficulty.  Vocera states "Say or Spell......" but does not afford customization of the alphabet (i.e. "Zed" for "Z", plus others).  The difference on letter pronunciation is great enough even between English speakers - USA vs. CA vs. UK vs. Australia vs. New Zealand that Vocera will often not understand the spellings of names from users of these areas.

 Please consider this enhancement especially as Vocera grown internationally.
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  • Jan 31 2020
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