Voice Acronym List

We are looking specifically for a list that explains what translations exist from a middleware to Vocera besides the acronym list in the admin guide.

An example of this would be if you list something as "MD", Vocera pronounces it as Maryland. The nursecall system and middlewares are passing "MD", not "Maryland". The workaround is to just put a space, so it's "M D".

This would be extremely helpful in assisting the nursecall/middleware teams in planning integrations into vocera for translation purposes to the Vocera devices. These other systems have character limits and this would be beneficial in helping solve that problem.
  • Jon Berndtson
  • Jan 31 2020
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    Mike Ryker commented
    21 Nov, 2020 12:51am

    In Vocera Voice 5.3 and above we have made adjustments to not automatically convert acronyms to words.

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