Activate Handset Mode with a Vocera Command

I would like to submit an idea to Vocera. Currently we have the option to set the Vocera to Handset Mode to talk privately.
Can Vocera make this so that if I need to enable the Handset Mode, I can do so with a Command. Here is how I see it working
when a caller gets a call and they need to covert from Speaker to Handset mode, they would put the other caller on hold.
Then press the Call button and say "Turn on Handset Mode" or "Enable Handset Mode" then it turns it on. When the caller is done
with the call, the Speaker Mode comes back on. This is a feature that would really been nurses taking criticals results calls.
Right now, going thru the Setting tabs takes a long time.
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  • Jan 31 2020
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  • Deanna W. commented
    26 Feb, 2021 03:50pm

    I would like to add on to this request. With the hotword enabling hands-free use of the Smartbadge; would it be possible to activate handset mode without having to touch the device?

    Here's how I see this working:
    The device is listening for the hotword "OK Vocera" or "Hey Vocera"
    The user says, "OK Vocera".
    After the prompt say, "Enable Handset Mode".
    When the call ends it reverts back to open mic mode for the next call.

    OR once the command "Enable Handset Mode" is used it would stay enabled until the user says, "Disable Handset Mode".

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