A text to speech utility for testing

It would be handy to have a utility that allowed you to "hear" what the text to speech conversion would sound like before putting it in production.

When putting in the AP "Location Names" it would be convientient to hear how Jean is going to say the location... prior to implementing a naming convention.
As an example entry in our system -
"C V I C U Room 2 70 2nd Floor Wing A"
Item 1) The space between 2 and 70 - this had to be done to have Jean say "...room two seventy..." rather than "...room two hundred and seventy..."
Item 2) We had to switch our locations "A-Wing" designation to "Wing A" because it sounded funny the other way around.... (not really your guys issue)

Having a tool that could let us listen to how these would get converted would be nice.

As a side note - I do know that we can record the Location description, but by the time we're finished we will have almost 200 AP's on 1 site... and I really don't want to be the Location Voice of Vocera.

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  • Jan 31 2020
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