Enunciated Alerts

We are in the process of rolling out Cisco WebEx devices on the Inpatient Units at Gundersen Health System. Pathways listed below.

Responder 5 ---> Vocera Vina (for nurse call alerts)

Securitas MobileView ---> Vocera Vina (RTLS Duress alerts)

Vent alarms and Code Blues enunciate when an alert comes through to the WebEx. Staff would like duress alerts (out of MobileView) and staff assist alerts (out of Responder 5) to enunciate as well.

Duress alerts and staff assist alerts require an urgent response, just like the vent alarms and code blues. Staff would like calls that are urgent to enunciate so they know what call is coming in before they pull their phone out of their pocket. For example, if a staff member is in the room with a patient, they may ignore a 'normal' call, waiting to look at their phone when they have left the room or simply may not have a hand free to pull their phone out of their pocket. If these urgent calls would enunciate while the phone is in their pocket, they would understand that they need to respond immediately.

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  • May 15 2023
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