Ochsner Baptist Women's Services

Devices to be enrolled into WorkSpace One/Airwatch that can have the apps deployed as a Managed Application.

Then use the Enrolled device to authenticate into these managed applications with the user credentials (they would already have an assigned phone number) into other apps like Engage.


For this to happen, we need three things:

Workspace One (I am working on this)

An UPGRADED Engage app with MDM/EMM capabilities for deployment

and Move to a shared device model where nurses check-in/check-out devices


Workflow could look like this:

Nurse Picks up a phone

Taps on the Login page, uses their credentials (AD) and Site Name (i.e. Baptist, OMC, etc.)

The device logs them in, gets the appropriate managed apps on the home screen launcher

Rover, and other apps can use the users name and password for credentialing.

Engage would be set to a Lookup Field value of the user's phone number...so that would become their extension.

Nurse uses the phone, and when finished the shift, signs out of the phone....which signs out of everything.

the Pivot returns to a "ready" state for another user to pick up.


Ideally this would all take place after my infrastructure is in in place, and Engage can obey some type of MDM commands.

Currently everything is manually entered, and cannot auto-populate into the app (Engage).  The only app with access to user credentials is Airwatch Agent/Hub


This is partially because of the operating system (Android 5.1.1) on the Pivots, and partially becasue of the way the apps authenticate.

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  • Jan 31 2020
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