Multiple conference group membership and permission-based functions

Many sites are making extensive use of the conference group function however there is a requirement for two additional features:

1) Allow users to be a member of more than one conference group.  For sites that have migrated to Vocera from previously using Walkie-Talkies, they have been used to push-to-talk functionality on different "channels", i.e. with walkie-talkies, they could turn the dial to a different channel and communicate with different groups.  Allowing users to be a member of more than one conference group would eliminate the need to constantly have to use voice commands to switch conference groups.  Would be very useful for float staff who move between multiple units throughout their shift or for Security or other departments who need to "monitor" multiple conference groups simultaneously from the same device.

2) Create permissions to prevent users from adding themselves to certain conference groups.  This would be useful in a scenario where a Security department may have their own "secure" conference group which other users should not have the ability to join and "listen" or potentially create disruptive communication.  Would also be extremely useful in non-healthcare deployments like Casinos where Security monitors all communication but users like Slot Attendants should be restricted to communicate only on their own conference group.
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  • Feb 1 2020
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