Possible to have alarm feature on Vocera badge?

I've been asked several times now, if the Vocera badge can set an alarm. 

Giving a command such as "Set alarm" could invoke a question of what time to set the alarm for, or even further "Set alarm for 145pm" could just get a response of  "I've set an alarm for 145pm".   "Cancel Alarm" could erase all alarms already set. 

These alarms would be tied to a users profile so if they log out before the set alarm time, the alarm is cancelled.  If they just remove the battery and do not log out, when they power that badge up again, provided the time is not after the alarm time, the alarm still exists.

I'm not sure this would need to be used outside of the current shift/day being worked, more like if a user has a meeting at 2pm, they could set an alarm to ring at 145pm, etc.

I'm sure you could get quite fancy with it once you started thinking of ways it could be used, but for now I believe they are asking for a basic alarm.

Just a suggestion - not sure if anyone else sees a need for this.
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  • Feb 1 2020
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