Hands-Free Hangup

Users are requesting the ability to hang up a call without having to touch the device. Especially now that they are able to place calls hands-free. Before the "OK Vocera/Hey Vocera" hotword users were taught that whoever placed the call should end the call; the thought being that if the caller had a free hand to place the call they likely had a free hand to end the call. Now that users are placing calls hands-free that isn't always the case. I witnessed several users trying to say, "OK Vocera" hang up. Perhaps the hotword "OK Vocera/Hey Vocera" could be used to wake up the Genie during the call and then say "Hang up" or "End Call".

  • Deanna W.
  • Feb 17 2021
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  • Guest commented
    23 Jun, 2023 04:33pm

    Albany Medical Center would like to see this feature implemented to make the V5000 and C1000 devices truly handsfree.

  • Samantha Bixby commented
    14 Jun, 2023 02:03pm

    Our staff is also requesting an option for hands free hang up. It isn't always the best option to be with a patient doing something and have to stop to end the call.