Announce call forwarding (of all calls) upon login

We have a feature request for call forwarding.

1. Can Vocera annouce that you that you have (all calls) forwarded enabled upon login. The plan is to implement this when you have forwarded all calls.

2. Would it be possible to have call forwarding turn off upon logout? I realize item 2 may not be convenient, but something to consider. Item 1 would really help us a lot and I don't see a downside.  The plan is to not automatically turn off call forwarding but to rather ask the user if they want to stop forwarding their calls.


  • The call announcement will not play when you have forwarded calls when you are off network or not available. 
  • The order for announcing call forwarding options will change to:
    • To forward when you are offline or off network, say "offline".
    • To forward when you do not answer, say "unanswered".
    • To forward all your calls, say "all".


Thank you,

Stephen R. Cady
Systems Administrator, Vocera, Emergin
Kaiser Permanente, Los Angeles Medical Center
Office (323) 783-8707
Cell (323) 636-3098

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  • Feb 1 2020
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